Commercial Mortgages

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We specialise in commercial property finance, corporate mortgages and remortgages including Shariah or Islamic compliant funding we deal with high street banks, niche specialist lenders, private debt and equity, pension funds, along with merchant and investment banks to secure funding.

We arrange finance in England, Scotland and Wales and subject to suitability development finance in overseas markets particularly on JV basis.

Mortgages are available for UK nationals, expats and foreign nationals. Whether you seek a 'buy to let' mortgage for your first property acquisition, or re-finance for a large complex port-folio of property or structured finance solution for developing property we welcome to empower you to make the right calculated decision.

In essence we are your property funding specialists, offering 'independent' and 'unbiased' financial advisory services. You have come to the right place, where a diversified product range from various lending sources is available, catering for a one of transaction for an individual, to property companies to family trusts and private investors.

Whichever type of borrower you are, and whatever kind of property finance solution you are seeking we pride ourselves in harbouring the experience, specialist expertise to furnish you with a finance solution that is competitive and with a tailored funding best fit.

The main categories of commercial mortgages we can assist you with encompass:

mortgage-triangle   Commercial Property mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Industrial Property mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Buy-to-Let Residential property mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Bridging Finance Property refinance

mortgage-triangle   Land Security refinance

mortgage-triangle   Farm & Agricultural funding

mortgage-triangle   Restructuring Development Finance

mortgage-triangle   Mezzanine Finance refinance

mortgage-triangle   Offshore mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Overseas Property mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Portfolio restructuring

mortgage-triangle   Mortgage 'bricks' and mortar & 'goodwill'

mortgage-triangle   Semi-commercial mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Commercial mortgages for expats, foreign nationals and offshore trusts.

Our role is to remove the obstacles that stand in your way to obtain commercial property finance. Ultimately we are valued by our customers as we deliver and enhance their wealth creation.

As soon as you contact us we will ascertain your needs and circumstances and then you will deal with a senior key decision maker, who will put resources in place for delivering commercial property mortgage with the pre-requisite skills and expertise to make your mortgage or remortgage happen, a solution that’s right for you and above all makes commercial sense.

We seek to run the extra mile, and to be your chosen partner of preference for 'independent choice' where we are not obligated to any one financial institution and delivering options that are cost effective.

Our success is based on seeing the clients 'point of view', then aligning a commercial mortgage solution accordingly.

Independent Financial Services GB drive value in many ways to benefit you:

Our aim is to create lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients; relationships that provide value over time.

We seek to put ourselves in your shoes, see through your eyes in regards burning issues concerning you. We seek to demystify the finance markets and communicate in plain English with the ambition we are understood.

Our approach to each property finance transaction is that it is a unique opportunity, to maximize your success by providing comprehensive and multi-disciplinary services in a streamlined process. Our professional services cover the full spectrum of debt finance, equity finance, workouts, and loan restructuring, including acquisition and re-alignment of non-performing loans, troubled assets, or distressed financial positions.

Independent Financial Services GB offer holistic commercial business finance solutions and services. Your resource for bespoke mortgage and finance solutions:

mortgage-triangle   Secured and unsecured property based debt transactions from construction to revolving and term loans

mortgage-triangle   Commercial mortgages and remortgages,

mortgage-triangle   All aspects of mezzanine finance

mortgage-triangle   Structured finance solutions

mortgage-triangle   Preferred equity

mortgage-triangle   Bridge finance equity and debt loans

mortgage-triangle   Syndicated loans

mortgage-triangle   Bond financing

mortgage-triangle   Convertible loans

mortgage-triangle   Credit facilities

mortgage-triangle   Synthetic leases and other off balance sheet financing

mortgage-triangle   Letters of credit

mortgage-triangle   Leveraged finance

mortgage-triangle   Trade finance

mortgage-triangle   Restructuring

mortgage-triangle   Currency mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Offshore mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Sale/leasebacks

mortgage-triangle   Mixed debt financings

mortgage-triangle   Tax exempt and other tax driven financings

mortgage-triangle   Stamp duty mitigation strategies

mortgage-triangle   Capital allowances

mortgage-triangle   Onshore and offshore tax planning

mortgage-triangle   Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax & Succession Planning

mortgage-triangle   Wills & Trusts within the frame-work of Legal Professional Privilege (LLP)

mortgage-triangle   UK and cross border credit transactions embracing regulatory requirements

Let's partner together to help make things happen...for your next commercial mortgage or remortgage.

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