Commercial Remortgages

Commercial, industrial, and corporate property refinance solutions

Commercial re-mortgage can assist you to get better terms, release equity for business expansion or personal use, extend or develop your own business premises. If you are seeking a flexible, tailored way to structure your current commercial property or portfolios there are various options and solutions. We work closely with well known high street lenders to specialist 'niche' lenders to structure refinance.

We are committed to provide value to your next remortgage request in a creative and dynamic manner, and are deal driven.

The main categories of 'refinance' or 'remortgages':

mortgage-triangle   Commercial Property re-mortgage (for UK Citizens, Expats and Foreign Nationals).

mortgage-triangle   Industrial Property re-mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Buy-to-Let Residential property re-mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Bridging Finance Property refinance

mortgage-triangle   Land Security refinance

mortgage-triangle   Restructuring Development Finance

mortgage-triangle   Mezzanine Finance refinance

mortgage-triangle   Offshore remortgages

mortgage-triangle   Overseas Property re-mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Portfolio restructuring

mortgage-triangle   Remortgage 'bricks' and mortar & 'goodwill'

mortgage-triangle   Refinance of property and 'good-will' - we can cater for remortgaging of your business.


There maybe a diversified range of reasons to refinance, some examples:

mortgage-triangle   Improved interest rate terms
mortgage-triangle   Acquire a new business
mortgage-triangle   Property investment
mortgage-triangle   To acquire an existing business
mortgage-triangle   Debt consolidation
mortgage-triangle   To raise working capital
mortgage-triangle   Property refurbishment
mortgage-triangle   Property development
mortgage-triangle   Tax bills
mortgage-triangle   Finance business expansion
mortgage-triangle   Convert mortgage as sole trader to limited company
mortgage-triangle   Purchasing Stock
mortgage-triangle   Purchasing Machinery


There are wide spectrum of scenarios that would result in the desire for a remortgage. Lenders are continuously evolving with new products, and since the financial crisis new lenders have entered the market to fill the gap where 'high street' famous brand name lenders do not have an appetite to lend due to their banking mandates and strategic growth plans.

If your credit history has proved to be a problem please speak to us.

Or your general business performance has improved since you arranged your original commercial mortgage then you have a potential to remortgage to get a more competitive deal, release equity, or perhaps with more flexible mortgage terms that fits your business requirements.

Independent Financial Services GB often are involved in complex and challenging remortgages we seek to understand firstly thoroughly your needs and circumstances, and what is important to you and your business. We then work proactively towards a refinance solution. At times there may be credit problems, arrears, CCJs and even bankruptcies, trust structures with complex tax planning, expat or foreign owned property we dovetail remortgages to fit your bespoke needs and have the requisite expertise to deliver.