Currency Mortgages

The flexible mortgage option

For more sophisticated customers and High Networth individuals foreign currency mortgages are available especially if your source of income is in a 'foreign currency'.

mortgage-triangle  Currency management facilities are also available, allowing potentially lower rate of interest than is available generally in the UK. This type of mortgage product has risk associated due to fluctuations in foreign exchange (FX) rates, and may not be suitable if you are risk averse.

mortgage-triangle  A 'Currency Mortgage' has the potential benefit to allow you to take advantage of different 'currency' rates to those available on UK Sterling mortgages.

mortgage-triangle  We can also offer sophisticated mechanisms where investment in Bonds returning a regular coupon, leverage on the encumbent investment can be utilised for purchasing UK residential property - this type of product is aimed specifically at High-Net-Worth individuals, but the rate of interest can be very attractive with potential of tax benefits, and within the confines of wider spectrum of tax planning both 'personal' and 'corporate' tax.

mortgage-triangle  We work with specialist partners and discreet legal practices, and barristers that specialise in robust tax planning in regards property matters: offshore structures both for UK; and non-UK nationals; and non-domiciled UK residents who require to purchase, or develop property in the UK and abroad.

mortgage-triangle  In general 'currency mortgage' are suitable for all normal mortgage purposes, including remortgaging or acquiring a second home in the UK or perhaps overseas.

mortgage-triangle  If you seek to purchase a property in British Isles or overseas but your income isn't paid in sterling, a currency mortgage can provide a mortgage loan in the appropriate currency of the source of your income.

mortgage-triangle  If you decide to move home or sell your property depending on the lender you will be able to migrate your mortgage, due to 'flexible underwriting by lenders' we negotiate terms that best suit your lifestyle and needs.

mortgage-triangle  Currency mortgages can provide key benefits and flexibility

Please contact us for a discreet conversation in regards best options tailored around your needs and circumstances.