Expat Residential Mortgages

UK Expatriate Mortgages & Loans For Property Purchases & Remortgages.

Independent Financial Services GB is a performance led UK 'independent broker' for specialist mortgage and loans, with a multi-disciplinary capability of financial services and products .

A large percentage of our clients are 'high net worth individuals' or 'corporate concerns', that have more complex funding requirements. We harbour the requisite expertise in the specialist mortgages and loans market. We position ourselves as the preferred choice and advisory partners.

We are solution led and seek to deliver funding solutions that meet your needs and make personal and financial sense.

Specialist Expat Mortgages for non-domciled UK nationals can be broken down into 2 main sectors:

mortgage-triangle   UK Mainland 'Offshore Mortgages' - clients seeking to 'purchase' or 'remortgage' UK property by the means of UK Banking institutions or 'offshore banks' this can be for UK resident nationals, foreign nationals or expats / non domiciled.

mortgage-triangle   Overseas International Mortgages - where mortgages for homes are arranged all over the world encompassing over 25 different countries this can be for UK resident nationals, foreign nationals or expats / non domiciled. Plus a specialist and niche are we specialise is in property development from a 'self build' to 'large build' projects essentially in the residential housing sector.

We cater for specialist lending needs we access main-stream lenders to niche financial financial institutions, offshore and overseas bank, merchant and private banks who have 'standard' and 'bespoke' tailor made mortgages and remortgage solutions where at times traditional banking style involves having a 'blank piece of paper' with the potential of flexibility.

Bespoke 'expat mortgage' funding can be moulded around your needs and circumstances - this approach can be refreshing and not subject to tick-box regimented process of conventional banking allowing for flexibility in under-writing.

For more sophisticated customers or High Networth individuals foreign currency mortgages are available, and currency management facilities are available, allowing potentially lower rate of interest than is available in the UK or your place of primary income. However this type of mortgage product has risk associated due to fluctuations in foreign exchange (FX) rates, and may not be suitable if you are risk averse.

We can also offer sophisticated mechanisms where investment in Bonds returning a regular coupon, leverage on the encumbent investment can be utilised for purchasing UK residential property - this type of product is aimed specifically at 'High Networth Individuals', but the rate of interest can be very attractive with potential of tax benefits, within the confines of wider spectrum of personal tax and corporate tax planning.

We work with specialist partners and discreet legal practices, and barristers that specialise in robust tax planning in regards property matters, and offshore structures both for UK, and non-UK and non-domiciled UK residents requiring to purchase or develop property in the UK and offshore.

We have the capability to furnish holistic solutions in property finance, structured finance, conveyancing, foreign exchange services, tax planning, Stamp Duty mitigation, trusts, insurance services etc. You maybe able to get these services individually, but will you able to co-ordinate a solution across multi-disciplinary professions, services and financial products and where the net result meets your needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. We can assist you with our expertise and net-work of specialist contacts within the industry, in delivering creative and dynamic expatriate mortgage and remortgage solutions both for residential and if neeed be commercial property.

We also recognise that the majority of our clients are likely to have a number of existing relationships: for example, with investment institutions, solicitors and accountants. It is not our intention to replace or disturb these relationships, but to provide a more coordinated strategy where a bespoke and holistic perspective is provided in regards your next purchase or remortgage - and how your best interests are served in light of efficiency and mitigating risk.


We specialise in an array of 'UK expatriate' mortgages and loans, related financial and complimentary professional services:

mortgage-triangle   Residential property purchase UK or abroad.

mortgage-triangle   Large Loan Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Let-to-Buy Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Buy-to-Let Mortgages (commercial investment property).

mortgage-triangle   Property portfolios (Buy-to-Lets or commercial mixed use)

mortgage-triangle   Commercial property purchase & remortgage (owner-occupied or investment i.e. office, retail and industrial).

mortgage-triangle   Property development finance (self build to large build projects)

mortgage-triangle   Currency Mortgages and Currency Management facilities.

mortgage-triangle   Contractor Mortgages.

mortgage-triangle   Bridging Short Term Finance.

mortgage-triangle   Second Charge Secured Loans.

mortgage-triangle   Equity release or re-mortgages.

mortgage-triangle   Overseas International Mortgages for most popular countries.

mortgage-triangle   Competitive insurance for property.

mortgage-triangle   Islamic or Shariah based residential and commercial mortgages and bridge finance.

mortgage-triangle   Mezzanine Finance for property development projects.

mortgage-triangle   Stamp Duty Mitigation, Tax planning, Foreign Exchange, conveyancing and wealth management by selective specialist partners.


Clearly many of our clients are based overseas as 'United Kingdom expatriates' we are entrusted to be their eyes and ears on managing their affairs, trust put in us is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Certain expat clients may seek to structure their finances through an offshore vehicle such as a 'Special Purpose Vehicle' (Company) or Trust structure. Or seek to explore legitimate and robust tax planning, or mitigate Stamp Duty or reduce the impact of Capital Gains Tax. We partner with one of only four legal practices that specialise in tax and trusts, and is barrister led.

Finance and tax planning need to go hand-in-hand, that is why we create value in provisioning a packaged seamless solution so for us it does not stop at mortgages and loan we can deliver holistic solutions creating value for you in a professional hands on approach.

If you seek to borrow in another currency, or perhaps a range of currencies to make the most of 'Exchange Rate' changes we can explore options with you. However such mortgage arrangements can carry risk, and may not be suitable for all clients. As Changes in the exchange rate may increase the sterling equivalent of your mortgage.

Each 'UK Expat Mortgage' or 'Foreign National Mortgage' is assessed individually dependent on your needs and circumstances, as we appreciate that everyone has different requirements. Our ambition is to provide finance solutions that work for you, at the best terms.

We seek to empower you to make an informed and calculated decision that meets your needs and circumstances in fulfilling your next 'Expat' mortgage or remortage. We can handle complex and hard to place mortgages whether residential or commercial.