Taxation Advice and Tax Planning for Expatriates and Foreign Nationals

Prudent Tax Planning for 'UK Expats' (and 'Foreign Nationals')

mortgage-triangle  As a UK 'expatriate' you may realise that your tax situation has become more complex, particularly if your wealth is spread
across more than one jurisdiction.

mortgage-triangle  For United Kingdom 'expatriates' or any in general terms any British citizen with assets or investments in more than one
country, the UK tax system contains a wide spectrum of opportunities for the efficient management of tax liabilities.

mortgage-triangle  Unfortunately, for the unwary or ill advised, tax mitigation strategies contains an even greater number of potential

mortgage-triangle  Legislation is constantly in the process of flux and changing. New and wide reaching anti-avoidance measures continue to
be introduced in the form of 'non abusive tax arrangements'. The UK court system continues to add to an already
substantial body of rulings and interpretations. Potential tax mitigation implementation is not circumvented simply
through offshore banking or opening overseas accounts. Plus one needs to take into account the tax regime of the
country the 'expatriate' or 'foreign national' is residing and working.

mortgage-triangle  In order to mitigate and accumulate 'wealth' there is a need to manage tax liabilities with care, it is critical to be aware
both the tax planning opportunities which new and existing tax changes bring and also the dangers that may accompany
such tax planning.

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