Foreign National Mortgages

Specialist 'Foreign National Mortgages' and 'International' Loans

Are you seeking a 'mortgage' or 're-mortgage' for residential owner occupation, commercial property, 'buy-to-lets' residential investments, and industrial properties and where you are deemed a 'Foreign National'?

Independent Financial Services GB is a performance led UK 'independent broker' for specialist mortgage and loans, with a multi-disciplinary capability of financial services and products .

A large percentage of our clients are 'high-net-worth' individuals or corporate concerns, that have more complex funding requirements. We harbour the requisite expertise in the specialist 'foreign' mortgages and loans market. We seek to be your preferred choice and advisory partners.

We seek to deliver funding solutions that meet your suitability, and make personal and commercial sense.

 As you will appreciate since the financial crisis and issues of liquidity in the lending markets has impacted on lending in the UK, and particularly within the non-standard or specialist lending arena:

money-triangle   If you are a 'foreign national' without a permanent right to reside in the UK unfortunately there may be limited finance options.

money-triangle   If you are a 'foreign national' with a permanent right to reside this will increase your scope for mortgage funding.

money-triangle   If you are an offshore company / entity and seek to invest in the UK - we can discuss structured funding options on a discreet and confidential basis and relevant structures protected by 'legal privilege'.


We cater for specialist lending needs and have access to main-stream lenders to niche financial financial institutions; offshore and overseas bank; merchant and private banks who have 'standard' and 'bespoke' tailor made mortgages and remortgage solutions involving traditional banking style where a 'blank piece of paper' is used, offering flexibility and bespoke 'foreign national mortgages'. Mortgage funding can be moulded around your needs and circumstances, this 'personal' approach can be refreshing and not subject to tick-box regimented process of conventional banking allowing for flexibility in under-writing and sanctioning.

We work with specialist partners and discreet legal practices, and barristers that specialise in robust tax planning in regards property matters, and offshore structures for UK / Expat Nationals, and Foreign Nationals persons and entities.

We have the capability to furnish holistic solutions in property finance, structured finance, conveyancing, foreign exchange services, tax planning, stamp duty mitigation, trusts, insurance services etc. You maybe able to get these services individually, but will you able to co-ordinate a solution across multi-disciplinary professions, services and financial products and where the net result meets your needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. We can assist you with our expertise and net-work of specialist partners within the industry in delivering creative and dynamic 'foreign national mortgages' and refinance solutions both for residential and if neeed be commercial property.

We appreciate that everyone has different requirements. Our ambition is to provide finance solutions that work for you, at the best terms.

We seek to empower you to make an informed and calculated decision that meets your needs and circumstances in your next 'residential or commercial' mortgage or re-mortage.

We can handle complex and hard to place mortgages, leverage our expertise. Please contact us and take the first step.