Commercial Insurance

Corporate, Commercial Business Insurance Solutions

At times Business insurance can be complex with many factors to take into account to establish suitability of cover. We are not an insurance comparison website we occupy the space where clients value service, but still seek competitive prices. We seek to provide independent unbiased, and impartial guidance on 'commercia'l and 'business' insurance where you are empowered to make the right decision that benefits your business activities.

We seek to assist you to mitigate exposure to risk, that offers protection today and into the future.

We work closely with our clients based on mutual understanding and seek to implement robust strategic planning. We harbour long standing relationships with insurers / under-writers and can tailor policies moulded around our clients specific needs and circumstances.

Generally our insurance products are offered to our clients as part of holistic planning, often the starting point is finance.

As an independent financial advisory company we specialise in property finance ranging from residential property to commercial and industrial, and as part of wider finance solutions we embed relevant insurance products to mitigate client exposure to risk and to facilitate cost effective management of costs.


mortgage-triangle   Residential Landlords Insurance (buy-to-lets & Commercial)

mortgage-triangle   Commercial Property

mortgage-triangle   Industrial

mortgage-triangle   Portfolios

mortgage-triangle   Commercial Combined

mortgage-triangle   Tenant Contents

mortgage-triangle   Tenant Referencing

mortgage-triangle   Latent Defects Policy

mortgage-triangle   Unoccupied Property Insurance

mortgage-triangle   Specialist Insurance cover i.e. thatched roofs, under-pinned, listed buildings, asylum seekers

mortgage-triangle   Contaminated land (and buildings)

mortgage-triangle   Terrorist Insurance

mortgage-triangle   Rent Guarantee Insurance

mortgage-triangle   We specialise in portfolios and High Net worth property insurance cover

In addition we offer a wide spectrum of additional insurance services for businesses, for example:

mortgage-triangle   Shop Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Commercial Vehicle Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Office Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Engineers Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Contractors Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Manufacturing Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Plant & Tools Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Commercial Combined
mortgage-triangle   Public liability insurance – covers claims arising from your companies liability for injury to a person outside of your employment or damage to their property.
mortgage-triangle   Employers’ liability insurance – a legal requirement if you have 1 or more employees, this type of insurance is for claims arising from your companies liability for employee illness, injury or
mortgage-triangle   Group (and individual) Company Protection Policies:
mortgage-triangle   Private Medical Insurance
mortgage-triangle   International Private Medical Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Death-in-Service (Life Insurance)
mortgage-triangle   Dental Insurance
mortgage-triangle   Income Protection
mortgage-triangle   Keyman Insurance

NOTE: Keyman insurance is a type of life insurance that is designed to protect businesses against the financial losses caused by the death or long-term incapacity of their key employees often directors. Keyman insurance is often an integral part of the financial affairs of large corporations, however, medium to small sized businesses often overlook to consider, or are unaware of the existence of 'Keyman insurance' and the benefits it provides for the unfortunate scenario of the loss of an important and critical member of staff. There is compelling evidence to support the impairment or demise of a key-member of the company can have devastating impact to the health and stability of the company. Have you considered 'death-in-service' group life insurance, and subject qualifying HMRC rules can be offset against your corporation tax, a great value add benefit to all employees.

Please feel free to contact us on your next 'commercial' or 'personal' insurance requirement, the initial consultation is free and without obligation.