Large Residential Mortgage and Remortgage Loans for Owner Occupation or Investment.

Flexible Options

What is a large Mortgage or Loan?

Typically in excess of £500,00 Sterling. Where we offer a discreet, confidential and attentive service in mortgage and re-mortgage placement:


mortgage-triangle   Residential Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Residential Re mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Buy to Let Investment Property

mortgage-triangle   Let-to-Buy Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Commercial Property

mortgage-triangle   Short Term Finance 'Bridging'

mortgage-triangle   Mezzanine Finance

mortgage-triangle   Second Charge Loans

mortgage-triangle   First Time Buyer Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Professional Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Offset Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Multi Currency Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Large Bridging Loans

mortgage-triangle   Overseas Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Offshore Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Expat Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Foreign National Mortgages

mortgage-triangle  Lombard or collateral lending

mortgage-triangle  Development or Refurbishment Finance


We are active in 'Large Loans and Mortgages' market catering for 'High Net Worth' individuals. We harbour close relationships with: mainstream lenders, private merchant and investment banks, niche lenders all of whom have an appetite for larger and more complex types of lending.

Our specialist expertise and experience is in creating a tailored and bespoke solution that meets your exacting needs and circumstances.

We also can arrange 'Shariah' or 'Islamic' compliant mortgages, residential (and commercial). Plus 'mezzanine' or 'bridge' finance for property developing or investing exceeding £3,000,000 and with no upper limits - we have a 'blank' piece of paper to best fit a solution to your specific needs.

Large mortgages or loans can be suitable for:

mortgage-triangle   UK Nationals and UK nationals earning income in a foreign currency.

mortgage-triangle   UK Expats / Non-Domiciled and Foreign Nationals


At times a simple funding solution is not adequate, and standard lending with a mandate of under-writing with 'tick box' mentality may not be suitable for your needs. We are driven in delivering solutions that exceed expectations in complex cases.

Many of our clients are based overseas where we are entrusted to be their eyes and ears on managing their affairs, and trust put in us is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Certain clients may seek to structure their finances through an offshore vehicle such as a 'Special Purpose Vehicle' (Company) or Trust structure. Or seek to explore legitimate and robust Tax planning, perhaps you wish to mitigate Stamp Duty or reduce the impact of Capital Gains Tax. We partner with one of only four legal practices that specialise in tax and trusts, and is barrister led. Finance and tax planning need to go hand-in-hand, that is why we create value in provisioning a packaged seamless solution, so for us it does not stop at mortgages and loans we can deliver holistic solutions creating value for you in a professional hands on approach.

If you seek to borrow in another currency, or perhaps a range of currencies to make the most of 'Exchange Rate' changes we can explore options with you. However such mortgage arrangements can carry risk, and may not be suitable for all clients. As changes in the exchange rate may increase the Sterling equivalent of your mortgage.

Each enquiry is assessed individually dependent on your needs and circumstances, as we appreciate that everyone has different requirements. Our ambition is to provide finance solutions that work for you, at the best terms. We seek to empower you to make an informed and calculated decision that meets your needs and circumstances in your next 'Large mortgage or remortgage'.