'Let-to-buy' Mortgages

Rent your existing home and purchase a new-one

Do you seek to 'Let' your existing residential property and 'Buy' a new residential owner occupied property ?

In simple terms you rent out your existing home, and you purchase and move in your new home. Creating the potential need for two mortgages or loans.

With the current economic down-turn, the 'Let-to-Buy market' seems to be booming as frustrated home owners decide to 'let' or 'rent' their residential property to tenants to allow them to purchase a new home, or simply seek to start as a journey as landlord and property investor.

We can assist you with mortgages solutions from a wide spectrum of lenders:

mortgage-triangle   'Let-to-Buy' mortgages from one lender as specialist mortgage scheme that in essence caters for finance for two individual properties.

mortgage-triangle   Or you can have the option of separate 'buy-to-let' re-mortgage and 'residential' mortgage for owner occupation. Here there are two separate lenders and not the preferred route as ideally simultaneous funding from one lender is easier, more efficient and with less risk of complications.

Both 'letting' and 'purchasing' are back-to-back transactions, and careful co-ordination needs to take place, we have the wealth of expertise to assist you.

Each enquiry is assessed individually dependent on your needs and circumstances, as we appreciate that everyone has different requirements. We are driven to provide finance solutions that work for
you, at the best terms. We seek to empower you to make an informed and calculated decision that meets your needs and circumstances.

If you seek to release equity on your current residential property to invest in a 'buy-to-let' mortgage we will be pleased to discuss options available to you depending on your needs and circumstances.