Offshore Mortgages

Creative Solutions in 'Offshore Mortgages' & 'Remortgages' & Related Services

Do you seek an 'offshore mortgage' either for residential owner-occupied use or 'commercial Offshore' mortgage ?

It is clear the mortgage market in the UK has become more challenging, however lending is returning but perhaps not to its hiatus. Lenders terms have improved and there seems to be a greater confidence in the money markets. Independent Financial Services GB has specialist expertise as 'independent mortgage advisors' to offer a wide spectrum of mortgage and remortgage products for UK nationals, expatriate community (Non- domiciled), foreign nationals, companies and trust. Where we are able to arrange funding solutions in either on an individuals 'personal name', 'company' or in an 'offshore structure'.

If you seek a family or a holiday home in the United Kingdom we have a wide spectrum of 'mainstream' and 'niche' lenders both offshore and onshore offering a wide range of mortgage products, lenders can range from mainstream High Street Banks, 'Offshore Banks', 'Merchant Banks', 'Investment Banks', 'Short Term Lenders' and other Niche Lenders. Our lenders may be locally or internationally based depending on the nature of the transaction and your specific circumstances.

As we specialise in property development projects on an international basis - and have access to robust Trust structures available to mitigate Capital Gain Tax (CGT) enhancing significant value to your projects.

Besides the economic down-turn there are still an array of supporting lenders and mortgage and re-mortgage products.

We appreciate at times the choices and information can be daunting, but these days arranging a residential or commercial mortgage or remortgage can be far from being straightforward as part of financial planning in catering for current and future goals in catering for a fast paced evolving life style.

If you seek to purchase (or remortgage) a property in the UK and your income is not in Sterling a currency mortgage may be a suitable means to provide a mortgage in the relevant currency of your prime income. Currency mortgages maybe also suitable for High Networth or financially astute. For example individuals working in the finance sector who appreciate the vagaries and risks associated with fluctuations in foreign exchange, or individuals who have income sources in multiple currencies.

A Currency Mortgage potentially enables you to take advantage of different currency rates to those available on Sterling mortgages. Lenders calculate in general interest at a margin above the money market rate offered for that currency, and usually fix it for specified time, and review periodically to manage performance and risk. There is always possibility to switch from a Currency Mortgage to a Sterling equivalent if you change your mind, but subject to each lenders lending criteria.

There is also choice of Sterling and Foreign Currency mortgage.

The key here is that this product is a specialist mortgage and not suitable for majority of the market, but with our relations with lending institutions each case is discussed individually and under-written to provide a bespoke tailored mortgage solution, you have a 'blank' piece of paper and flexibility and understanding of your needs and circumstances are fundamental in delivering a viable solution.


Trust Planning and in particular Asset Protection - Plan for your future...

A Trust is a powerful estate planning instrument, in brief it separates the legal and beneficial ownership of assets. It is this critical distinction which enables the Trust structure to provide its unique benefits in managing risk and reducing costs. For instance can involve:

mortgage-triangle   Tax planning - By placing your assets in a tax-free jurisdiction, Reduce tax through legitimate structures (and not tax evasion).

mortgage-triangle   Transfer of assets to heirs - Pass your estate to your heirs without making them an outright gift, avoiding probate and in the event possibly optimising a favourable tax position.

mortgage-triangle   Protection from estate taxes - Combining a managed company with a trust structure can remove the threat of estate taxes in some jurisdictions

Safety - We can help protect your wealth and provide increased confidentiality and financial security for you and your family in troubled times and/or if you live in politically or economically unstable areas.

Offshore Mortgages can be set-up along Asset Tax Planning Trust structures giving discreet and robust tax planning and not merely tax avoidance schemes that are a time bomb awaiting to happen.

Trusts can have the potential to Protect your property, and other assets. In essence You have control over the estate during your lifetime, and therefore the Trustees are duty bound to abide by your wishes and follow your express instructions. It is possible to sell your property when ever you desire, and receive the full proceeds of sale. You are able to rent the property whether 'residential' or 'commercial' out and receive the income via the 'Asset Protection Trust' (A Tax return maybe required). Protects your estate from creditors, e.g. commercial and residential landlords.Protects your estate from the hands of potential unscrupulous partners of your children or grandchildren.

No Stamp Duty Land Tax liability on transfers into Trust.Administered arranged by professional lawyer/barrister led Trustees. It is only natural in the current volatile economic climate individuals are concerned to protect and save and limit what they have in many cases exposed to banks and creditors, home owners are exposed to personal debt including potential creditors, and exposed to potential family disputes. The Asset Protection Trust is designed to protect your main assets, and to help pass on your inheritance (i.e property) as part of your overall succession planning, helping to ensure your property and assets go to those you seek to benefit. Once the Trust structure is properly set-up you will have complete access and control over your Trust assets during your lifetime.

A pertinent example of avoiding 'unscrupulous' creditors is in regards an increasingly ageing popultaion is the issue of 'Long Term Care'. If you don't have Permanent Health Insurance then the NHS could potentially claim back from your estate the cost of the care that they have provided to you therefore you may seek to shield your wealth from such creditors, or individuals you would not like to benefit from your estate whilst you are alive, or if you require even after your death. Our mortgage 'brokerage' services can encompass a variety of 'wealth' and 'asset' protection planning where there is a marrying of benefits and financial services products. As each individual has differing needs and priorities, and once we have an understanding we work towards providing solutions to exceed your expectations in an efficient and cost effective manner.

A word of caution...

When arranging finance it is often critical the jurisdiction you select is politically and economically stable, with reputation and recognised supported by the relevant lender. Or you can easily find yourself with a Trust structure that is not supported and can create serious issues in you obtaining suitable finance. Our involvement needs to be ideally at the early stages in planning and the management of risk.


Wills and Probate

In the event that you have implemented any type of strategic Tax planning, it may become necessary to amend your Will to take this into account. However if you have not made a will, we can assist you in referring you to specialist professional partners that is suitable to and your spouse or partner.

If we can assist you in regards to an 'offshore mortgage' - please feel free to make contact, the initial enquiry is free of charge.