Partner With Us...lets win together

Outsource expertise that you may not harbour in-house

NOTE: This information is for Professional Introducer 'Partners' and other intermediaries only. It is not intended for use by the general public.

Independent Financial Services GB partner with professional introducers for a whole range of financial services, with particular specialisation in all aspects of property finance to ensure their clients receive the best property finance solutions with the added advantage of 'personal', discreet delivery of services.

Established since 2004, we are experts in complex 'buy to let' and 'commercial finance' and 'property development' solutions.

You can choose to let Independent Financial Services GB deal directly with your clients with the knowledge that we are driven in providing viable tailored solutions, whilst respecting the fact that they remain your clients during the process and afterwards.

Our Partnerships benefit our partners with our 'independence' and 'impartiality', and add value in a competing market place. We are approachable, responsible, efficient and entrepreneurial.

With so many niche lenders in the market and the fact that we transact business in almost every aspect of the finance and refinance markets it is impossible to list every single lender on our lender panel as you can imagine, this is in continuous process of flux. Thanks to our longstanding position in the market and our excellent reputation and specialist expertise, we are able to ensure you and your clients are provided with financial and associated services that are relevant and suitable to their needs and circumstances. We seek to create lasting relationships on doing a 'job well' to exceed expectations.

The potential to Partner with we us can offer a whole host of opportunities including the expansion of your business services and therefore offering a potential increase in revenue, and improving your bottom-line.

How we can we assist our Partnered relationships, the list is not exhaustive but will give you an idea we are keen to do business and grow with you in a trusting and close knit relationship:

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' innovative delivery methods.

mortgage-triangle   We can provide our 'business partners' client base with holistic professional services.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' to widen the scope of consumer choice and increase access to a full suite of financial services and products.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' to assist with their client retention.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' to promote and enhance their brand directly or indirectly.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' to provide a new source of revenue, and we have many angles and happy to discuss tailored solutions.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' to improve their customer journey for personal and business matters.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partner' to align related services for adding benefits to their clients/customers.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' to create 'white label' solutions where we take responsibility for back-office IT and fielding enquiries.

mortgage-triangle   We can allow our 'business partners' full branded and hosted on our servers web-sites delivering a range of services and even direct 'quote and buy' capability, where we handle compliance and all back-office.

mortgage-triangle   We champion and embrace technology, as we see the online market continuing to gain momentum, and the efficencies in e-delivery.

mortgage-triangle  We can allow our 'business partner to improve access to funding for growth if required, or create cross industry relationships for new business or other opportunities.

The concept is simple co-operation for mutual success.

Please take the first step talk to us in confidence how we can develop business opportunities, we. have the capacity and capability to deliver a wide range of financial services/products and related services.

We seek to promote the highest of standards and can be trusted to protect your interests along with your customers as part of a long term relationship.

We identify, evaluate, present and implement ideas to enhance income, reduce future liabilities, consider additional sources of income and maximise potential investment values - we champion value and asset enhancement.

Please call in regards a friendly chat, or better we enjoy coffee and meeting new people.