Remortgages for 'Residential Owner Occupiers', 'Buy-to-Lets' and 'Semi-commercial' property

Remortgages for Residential owner occupiers, Buy-to-Lets and semi-commercial Property.

If you are considering of re-mortgaging we can assist with impartial advisory services for re-mortgage loans, we welcome to empower you to make the right informed decision.

Primary types of remortgage we can assist you with:

mortgage-triangle   Residential 'owner occupier' remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Buy-to-Let investment property remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Semi-commercial property remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Commercial or Industrial property remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Bridging Finance Remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Second Charge or Secure Loan remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Property Development Finance Structured refinance

mortgage-triangle   Overseas property Remortgage

mortgage-triangle   Offshore Mortgage refinance.

mortgage-triangle   Adverse Credit or complex remortgages - where your mainstream lender has no appetite

mortgage-triangle   Re-mortgages for UK expatriate non-domiciled individuals including foreign nationals

There are many factors an individual may seek to remortgage for example:

mortgage-triangle   Replace current mortgage product in order to obtain improved terms i.e. better interest rate, flexibility, term of mortgage etc

mortgage-triangle   Release equity to purchase a car, buy another property, business use, school fees, health fees, dream holiday home etc

mortgage-triangle   Remortgage to release equity to consolidate more expensive debt

mortgage-triangle   Remortgage to pay a tax bill

Early redemption charges, fees or other costs may apply when remortgaging your property, we can assist you to establish the most suitable options open to you.

We specialise in remortgaging portfolios and mixed use 'residential' and 'commercial' securities.

Each enquiry is assessed individually dependent on your needs and circumstances, as we appreciate that everyone has different requirements. We are driven to provide finance solutions that work for
you, at themost suitable terms.

Our approach to each property finance transaction is that it is a unique opportunity, to maximize your success by providing comprehensive and multi-disciplinary services in a streamlined process.

Our professional services cover the full spectrum of debt finance, equity finance, workouts, and loan restructuring, including acquisition and re-alignment of non-performing loans, troubled assets,
or distressed financial positions.

We specialise in complex and difficult cases, its our long standing experience of the markets that puts us ahead.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers an attentive remortgage service, accessing from main stream lenders to niche specialist lenders, with a wide spectrum of re mortgage finance solutions, including exclusive and semi exclusive remortgaging loans.