Residential Mortgages

Finance for Residential Property

Are you seeking a mortgage for your main residence or home, or are you are purchasing a new home or remortgaging your existing family home, then you will require a 'residential mortgage'.

With so many residential mortgages to choose from, and differing lending criteria to puzzle through, why not approach an independent mortgage broker such as Independent Financial Services GB to assist you in deciding on the right mortgage that meets your needs and circumstances and be in safe hands.

We access the market across a wide spectrum of lenders and mortgage products, from main-stream lenders which you may recognise from the high-street, to others a little well known and niche players.

Our objective is to arrange a suitable mortgage product, and we can only do this once we have a thorough understanding of your needs and circumstances.

Often consumers are driven by the lowest rate, but may not necessarily be the best deal, as many other key points need to be factored into the equation. Therefore as specialists we work through various options targetted to your personal needs, whether you are 'first time buyer' or 're-mortgaging' or 'self employed' or simply struggling due to bad credit history, an expat or foreign national we are driven to provide solutions.

We are passionate to add value in provisioning residential mortgage solutions that make sense for you, and will partner with you from start to finish with a personal and focussed service.

It does not matter if you are:


mortgage-triangle   Purchasing

mortgage-triangle   Re-mortgaging

mortgage-triangle   First time buyer

mortgage-triangle   Moving Home


We offer a Whole range of mortgage types, such loans are in a continuos process of change in accordance to market conditions and innovation to meet consumer needs:

mortgage-triangle   Discount Rate Mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Fixed Rate Mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Tracker Rate Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Cashback Mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Offset / Current Account Mortgage

mortgage-triangle   First Time Buyer Mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Large Loan Mortgage

mortgage-triangle   Buy To Let Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Let To Buy Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Expat Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Offshore or Overseas mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Foreign National Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Second Charge 'secured' Loans

mortgage-triangle   Bridging Finance

mortgage-triangle   Equity Release Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Shared Ownership Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Council Right to Buy Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Professional Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Council Right to Buy

mortgage-triangle   Islamic or Shariah Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Guarantor Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Home-Buy_schemes

mortgage-triangle   Exclusive Mortgages

mortgage-triangle   Specialist Mortgages

and lots more products....this gives you an idea of the diversity of mortgages with multitude of mortgage schemes with differing lending criteria and features which change continuosly evolving with market conditions. We welcome to navigate you through this maze of mortgage products.

Our clients range from first-time buyers to High-Net-Worth individuals, we seek to give you personal and dedicated attention throughout the cycle of the mortgage process from professional qualified financial advisors, with personal and friendly service.

Our diverse finance knowledge, coupled with strong relationships with mortgage lenders, enables us to satisfy demanding needs at the most competitive terms and rates. Mortgage products Which may not be readily available to the consumer direct, and at times 'exclusives' may be available to meet your specific needs.

Be in safe hands let us guide you with Specialist 'independent' and unbiased advise, to empower you in your decision making for your next mortgage or remortgage.