'Secured' home-owner Loans

Second 'Charge' mortgages - No Up Front Costs

When you seek a 'Secured' loan from us there will be no upfront costs for example broker fees, valuation fees, lenders fees etc. You will only be charged upon acceptance of a 'secured' or 'home-owner' loan and all terms will be provided in advance so you know exactly the credit terms offered to you. We seek to provide a professional and transparent service, so there are no surprises.


mortgage-triangle   Secured Loan can be for 'Residential Properties'.

mortgage-triangle   Secured Loan can be Investment Properties i.e. 'buy-to-lets, commercial.

mortgage-triangle   Secured Loans can be for Limited Company applications.


Whilst a loan can be secured against an asset, for example a car, the term 'secured loan' generally refers to a loan secured against a property.

Secured loans are often referred to as a 'second charge' loan or a 'secured home-owner loan' this is because they work in a similar way to a traditional mortgage which is in essence a 'first charge' and a 'secure loan' effectively becomes a 'second charge' and has has secondary priority behind your 'first charge' mortgage.

Secured loans are best used when there is a good reason not to REMORTGAGE or you can’t raise the money you need on an UNSECURED basis.

Our Secured loan lender panel is from mainstream financial institutions to specialist niche lenders offering a wide range of loan products with differing lending criteria and flexibility, and can offer at times solutions that make better sense then alternative means of finance. We seek to empower you to make an informed decision, that best meets your needs and circumstances.

Soft credit footprint can help you...

When a 'decision in principle' is made most lenders would typically carry out a credit check and leave a 'hard footprint' on a borrower’s credit record which can be seen by other financial providers and can potentially effect your credit file. We are pleased to state with our chosen partners we have a 'soft' credit foot print creating benefits for you. In general hard footprints, especially in a short time, can hurt your credit score and your borrowing capability. We feel the advances of the 'soft foot print' enhances consumer experience. When using the Pre-Application Check for a 'Secured' or 'secured' loan through us, only a 'soft footprint' is registered. When you look at your own credit it will be evident that a company/lender has searched your credit record, but no formal application/hard footprint will be recorded. Currently the main credit reference agency utilised by our lending partners is 'Equifax'.


The following may be a reason for 'second charge' or 'secure loan', but of course is not exhaustive and will all depend on your needs and circumstances but in essence the proceeds of the loan can be used for any legal purpose subject to lenders criteria:

mortgage-triangle   If you seek not to remortgage as you may lose the benefits of your existing mortgage product i.e. better rate, term, still within a redemption penalty period etc

mortgage-triangle   If you are self employed and cannot proof your income

mortgage-triangle   If you have recently become self-employed, and may not have a significant track record of income

mortgage-triangle   If your income is not sufficient and seek a higher income multiple based on affordability opposed to tick box under-writing

mortgage-triangle   If you need a debt or bad debt loan due to poor credit, Court Judgements or mortgage arrears- where you seek to take a 'secure loan;' and credit repair your record and look forward to traditional priced loans.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek to borrow against a 'buy-to-let' property you own to release equity, perhaps to refurbish the existing property.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek to borrow against a 'buy-to-let' property you own to release equity and raise a deposit for another 'buy-to-let' investment.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek the 'secure loan' is for business purposes i.e for further cash-flow, to clear IVA’s or perhaps pay off HMRC tax bills

mortgage-triangle   If you seek bridging and short term loans as 'second' or even 'third' charge loans.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek debt consolidation

mortgage-triangle   If you have Recent credit issues

mortgage-triangle   If you need need the funds quickly as Secured loans normally complete within 2 - 4 weeks (subject to full underwriting and valuation).

mortgage-triangle   If you are with an existing prime lender with an attractive rate you may not seek to disturb the existing mortgage, and Second Charge loan can make good sense?

mortgage-triangle   If you have been declined for a re mortgage by your existing or other lenders.

mortgage-triangle   If you have an existing interest only mortgage, your lender may not seek to extend the same terms if you seek an additional loan.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek a loan for 'business use' mainstream or high street lenders are not keen to lend for such purposes.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek a loan but have very low equity - a secured loan maybe the way forward on a solution as higher 'Loan to Value' ratios are possible.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek a loan but maybe to old to remortgage, as certain secured loans can be to the age 80.

mortgage-triangle   If you seek only want a short-term loan maybe more cost effective then 'bridging finance' - there is maximum of only 2 months interest as 'Early Redemption Penalty' (ERC) and 1 months notice.

Secured 'home owner' loans are available even if you have suffered previous bad credit – inevitably the rates may be more expensive but you can still obtain a potential loan and attempt to credit repair your history over time so you can enjoy conventional rates. We also work with specialist lenders that have a capability to lend in Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately the 'self employed' traditionally struggle to get bank loans, 'secured loans' maybe an option to consider.

Please note affordability will be a factor that will be taken into account when you get your 'secure loan' agreement in principle but to assist with this the 'secured home owner loan' term will be discussed and can range from 1 year to 30 years depending on total interest along with your age to establish your comfort in meeting payments.

All circumstances are considered and we give you common sense help and discuss suitability and viable options please message us or give us a call.