'Self-Build' Residential Mortgages

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Some times there has to be an easier way to 'self build' your residential dream home, as finance often seems to be the initial biggest hurdle.

Self-Build mortgages allow individuals staged payments from lenders during the build phase of the property development.

Types of borrowers that a self build may be suitable:

mortgage-triangle   UK Nationals residing in the UK, self-build for main residence or holiday home.

mortgage-triangle   If you are a UK expat or non non-domiciled status.

mortgage-triangle   If you are a foreign national (ideally with permanent right to reside).


If you are seeking to build your own dream home for owner occupation, the finance process can seem daunting and often the most challenging hurdle to cross on the 'self-build' journey, as the funding needs to structured with care in alignment with your project, where cash-flow issues do not occur during the build phase.

We seek to firstly understand your project and your 'personal' circumstances, and then work in finding a viable and cost effective 'independent' self-build mortgage solution, so you can be empowered to make the right decision to get your 'self build' project off the ground.

To date we have not had one client with the same construction type and personal circumstances, therefore the ability to resolve bespoke and tailored solutions are critical.

We seek to work with you closely with the ambition to make your building project is a resounding success, and stress free as possible. We prefer your energies are concentrated to better things opposed to worrying about managing cash-flow.

Self build mortgage finance is often not straight forward as not all lenders lending criteria is the same, the right mortgage product to best fit your project requires expertise and attention to detail as misunderstanding can cause problems, over-run on costs, and delays in project delivery.

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Independent Financial Services GB is firmly committed to the self build mortgage market with access to mainstream. niche lenders, and short term finance 'bridging' with a host of lenders to help borrowers find the funding to build their homes. The lending market is continuously evolving and our range of mortgage products reflects this change.

We are passionate to provide 'creative' self-build mortgage solutions and does not stop at finance i.e specialist insurances, conveyancing, foreign exchange, and assistance in strategic planning your project, tax etc

We specialise in property development finance from 'large commercial projects' to one off 'self builds' if you are considering about self-building, renovating or converting your own home, please message or phone us. The initial enquiry is free - take advantage of our expertise.