Unsecured 'Personal' Loans

Unsecured Loan Options, we can provide greater choice...

What is an unsecured personal loan?

In general terms a 'unsecured personal loan' is reasonably small, fixed rate loan that is taken out for 'personal' use.

Personal loans are usually within the range of £500 and £25,000 bracket as a 'small' loan. Due to the fact as no asset or equity secures the lending, putting the lender at greater risk. Eligibility for this type of loan is based upon the quality of the credit rating you possess, and in turn will reflect the APR rate to be levied by the lender based on their exposure to risk in lending you unsecured money.

There is no collateral or equity required for a 'unsecured loan' but for you to be a 'credit-worthy' to qualify will be critical in securing a personal loan - it does not mean you have to have an absolute squeaky clean credit history, but is not for you if know your credit history is tarnished.

Use the funds you receive for almost any 'legal' purpose, from a holiday, tidying up your finances, a new car, to decorating your new baby’s room to covering unexpected home repairs.

We seek to offer unsecured personal loans at competitive rates, but ultimately will depend on your circumstances.

Reasons why you may desire unsecured personal loan?

mortgage-triangle   Relatively easy and quick process.

mortgage-triangle   You do not own a property to obtain a re-mortgage or secured 'home owner' loan.

mortgage-triangle   Cost effective no up-front costs.

mortgage-triangle   Only need for a small period

mortgage-triangle   You want to seek to build your credit history and at same time purchase goods services.

mortgage-triangle   Debt consolidation.

Although your home is not directly at risk with a 'personal unsecured loan', unsecured loan lenders still have the legal right to recover the money should payments not have been made in accordance to your loan agreement, therefore financial responsibility by you will be factor to consider.

Soft credit footprint can help you...

When a 'decision in principle' is made most unsecured lenders would typically carry out a credit check and leave a 'hard footprint' on a borrower’s credit record which can be seen by other financial providers and can potentially effect your credit file. We are pleased to state with our chosen partners we have a 'soft' credit foot print creating benefits for you. In general hard footprints, especially in a short time, can hurt your credit score and your borrowing capability. We feel the inherent advantages of the 'soft foot print' enhances consumer experience. When using the pre-application Check for a 'Secured' or 'unsecured 'loan through us, as only a 'soft footprint' is registered. When you look at your own credit it will be evident that a company/lender has searched your credit record, but no formal application/hard footprint will be recorded. Currently the main credit reference agency utilised by our partners is 'Equifax'.

Whether you you seek a secured 'home owner' loan or 'unsecured personal' loan, we can assist with a prompt decision. Attempt to take the complexity and confusion away with impartial unbiased guidance, with a panel of mainstream and niche lenders.

Please message us or give us a call to discuss your needs the initial enquiry is free and without obligation.